The Congressional Ethics Committee found that Ruben Kihuen “made persistent and unwanted advances towards women who were required to interact with him as part of their professional responsibilities.”

Ruben issued a boilerplate apology, but he has taken no concrete steps to make amends for his behavior, nor has he made any real effort to learn and grow from this experience.

We stood up to say “No means no, Ruben” because we felt he needed to hear our voices before deciding to run for Las Vegas City Council. Unsurprisingly, Ruben is not taking no for an answer, and is seeking political power again – just months after leaving Washington D.C. in disgrace. His slogan for this new campaign, with apparently no sense of irony, is “We deserve better.” Yes, we do.

We hoped you would listen to your previous supporters telling you no, Ruben. We hoped you might take some time to reflect on your actions and do the right thing by sitting out at least one campaign for political power.

Since you won’t listen to our voices, we will stand up for our values and show you with our votes that no means no, Ruben.

People are paying attention. Our efforts have been covered in the press, thousands of people have watched our videos and read our digital content, hundreds of people have signed our petition. Voters and donors are disgusted by your behavior. You cannot buy your way out of this with campaign money left over from your disgraceful time in congress.

When you won’t listen to our voice, we’ll tell you with our votes: No means no, Ruben. We will fight and win. Add your name to show your support. Support No Means No with a contribution.