Ruben Kihuen should denounce attacks on the women who he sexually harassed.

A shadowy website attacking victims of Ruben Kihuen’s sexual harassment has just been discovered. In response, No Means No, Ruben, Assemblywoman Heidi Swank and Maria-Teresa Liebermann released the following statement:

“Grotesque attacks like this are a big reason why victims don’t speak out. Not only were these women sexually harassed by Ruben Kihuen and forced to re-live it through a long congressional investigation, they are now being publicly named and called liars by an anonymous website.

Ruben Kihuen has claimed that he isn’t responsible for this ugly website. This is not enough.

His choice to run for office right now is the reason that this victim-blaming website exists. Ruben’s own recent actions give cover and encouragement for this kind of disgusting action, by dismissing his behavior as “flirting” or “paying compliments” as he did in a recent interview.

Ruben needs to address the substance of these attacks. Does he also believe that these women were lying, or part of some conspiracy against him? Or will he finally take some real responsibility for sexually harassing multiple women over many years?

This is an opportunity for him to show that he does understand what he did and to give a real apology to the women who continue to be harmed by his actions. If he does not speak up for the truth, then he is clearly saying that he agrees with this smear campaign against these victims of his sexual harassment.

For anyone wishing to express support for these women or learn more about the congressional investigation that documented Ruben’s history of sexually harassing women who worked for and with him, please visit”