Excerpts from actual text exchanges with Kihuen, made public through the U.S. House Ethics Committee Investigation; read the coverage here and the full ethics committee report here.

No means no, Ruben.

Ruben Kihuen used his political power to sexually harass women.

He pushed women on his staff to have sex with him. He touched them inappropriately. He kept asking and asking.

He demanded sexual favors from women who talked to him because his vote affected their lives and jobs.

No matter how many times these women said no, he kept asking and asking, in more and more inappropriate ways.

When we sent Ruben to Carson City and then Washington, he was supposed to use the power we gave him to move our country forward. Instead, he’s coming home in disgrace after using his position to sexually harass women who worked for him and with him. Apparently, he doesn’t think much of Las Vegas voters because he’s planning to run again. We need to make it clear what happens there isn’t welcome here.

We won’t support a man who can’t be trusted to represent our city with honor. Our neighborhoods deserve better; Las Vegas deserves better. For all the women who told Ruben “no,” and he didn’t listen, tell him “no” now. He should not be running in 2019.